Arizona man loses hot dog business in crash on Route 66

A Chandler man who owns a hot dog business is left to pick up the pieces after losing everything in a crash on Route 66.

Back on May 13, Richie Vaia, owner of Richie V’s Chicago Dogs, stopped by FOX 10 AZAM to talk about his upcoming trip to Chicago where he would hand out free Chicago dogs along Route 66 as part of a plan to raise awareness for mental health.

The trip was a success, but sadly on his way back to Arizona, Richie V. was rear-ended by a semi-truck in New Mexico, Thankfully, he survived the crash, but he lost his truck, hot dog hut, and personal belongings.

“It’s very hard to remember everything, all I know is that I was at a standstill, and the next thing I know is my whole life is all over the highway,” Richie V. said of the crash.

Authorities have yet to release details on the crash.

Richie V. has launched a GoFundMe to help raise money to rebuild his business.

“Richie’s business is now unable to exist,” Vaia wrote on the GoFundMe page.

This story was reported on from Phoenix.

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