First Commonwealth to hold business cybersecurity webinar | News

First Commonwealth Bank will be hosting a virtual cybersecurity webinar for businesses at 8 a.m. Wednesday. The webinar, being conducted via Zoom, is free for all businesses to participate.

The webinar will feature cybersecurity experts from the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General Josh Shapiro. Additionally, the webinar will include First Commonwealth leaders from small business, information security, insurance and treasury management divisions.

According to an April 2022 Provident Bank survey of 600 business leaders, 50.64 percent of respondents felt that cybersecurity was enough of a threat to their business that they thought about it daily and 56.67 percent of the respondents reported one or more cybersecurity attacks in the past 12 months (27 percent of those responses experienced more than three cyberattacks).

“As I meet with business owners from various industries, one of the most common concerns I hear from them is if they are well-positioned to protect their business from a cyberattack,” said First Commonwealth Bank Small Business Executive Chris Adams. “I am really excited that we’ve been able to partner with the Pennsylvania attorney general’s office and look forward to a dynamic presentation. The ultimate goal is to help business owners learn about current cybersecurity threats and ways to ensure your business is better protected and more secure. Here is the great part: It costs businesses nothing more than an hour of their time.”

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