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Warning :- Information on this site is NOT legal advice it is merely information only and should be viewed that way. It has come to my attention that Police have reacted violently towards people who have paid fines using the Bills of Exchange Act. Attempting any of these strategies should be taken only after your own due diligence and at your own risk.

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  • Australian Mercantile Law; Promissory Notes- Failure to present for payment does NOT discharge the maker, ie, the debtor, EXCEPT where it is made payable at a particular place. Failure to present Discharges the Indorsers. That's why its imperative that the PN is made payable at a particular place.

Michael Tellinger's Example Promissory Note

You create or make up your own unique promissory note number to use.
The Bills of Exchange Act and High Court Rules details at the top of the promissory note must be changed for your country. For Australia it's the Bills of Exchange Act 1909. See Pic

Create a promissory note index.
see picture

I think the ID Number is your Tax File Number in Australia, probably Social Security Number in USA.
For Value Received - so there is an exchange of some sort!!!!
Terms and Conditions - It is critical you understand these. see Pic

Your Signature and Date MUST BE IN BLUE INK!!! Critical.

Payment to be made 7th day of each month until the OBLIGATION has been fulfilled!!

The obligation stated is stated in the Promissory Note itself.

Ultimately no money will change hands this was created out of thin air.

The payment can be obtained by the holder (the bank or whoever the bank sells it to)

Your signature makes the note a liquid negotiable instrument which the bank can sell and will sell.

Once sold your obligation to pay ceases, see terms "...where as such trade shall terminate the obligation herein"!!!!!

Upon receipt if no objection is raised within 7 days (South Africa) 3 days (Australia), than it's been legally accepted.

If after the cure period they say they don't accept this payment, you say this payment has been legally accepted and is delivered, according to the Bills of Exchange Act (UCC in USA) the deal is concluded.

They would need to take you to court and raise an objection in the court and say why they don't accept your form of payment. They can't just say we don't accept your payment. They need to start legal procedure against you to say why they don't accept the promissory note as legal payment. ONLY USE PROMISSORY NOTES WITH BANKS AND GOVT INSTITUTIONS!!!! If the bank doesn't come to the address stipulated on the 7th of the month to get the money, it will be presumed the note has been sold!!!! discharging your obligation to pay!!!

See Pic

Step 1. Print promissory note to take half of a A4 page.

  • Sign and date in blue in in front of Police who witness your signature and counter sign and stamp.
    It says the original promissory note has been signed in blue ink. So there can only be one note, this makes the note unique and unduplicatable.

    Sign in front of cops so they authenticate your signature. They will their put police stamp there with police commissioner of oaths stamp and signature.

    So this validates that this is a legal document signed by you.

    The important CRITICAL delivery comes into play!!!

  • Copy the promissory note.
    The original which will be delivered to the bank and the copy which will be your proof of delivery.

  • Write a covering letter addressed to the lawyers e.g. SPSPN0001-CoverLetterTemplate.docx. Deliver to the banks postal and legal document deliver not the bank branch. Go to the bank head office, and go to the post delivery or legal document delivery, office. Deliver this to the person that receives legal documents from the post. They will stamp the original, cover letter and the copy proof of delivery for you.
    This proves they've accepted your notes in their building office. See Cover Letter Pic

    Then you put original and coverletter in a sealed envelope and write on envelope "To the Chief Financial Officer",
    Then hand it back to the person who stamped proof of delivery.

    That's How I did it, see the Example Pics see


    Michael Tellinger discharges 800,000 Rand in Promissory Notes!!!!

    Michaels Instructions http://michaeltellinger.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/HOW-TO-PAY-THE-BANK-WITH-YOUR-OWN-PROMISSORY-NOTE.pdf

    Michael Tellinger South African Word Template http://michaeltellinger.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Promissory-Note-Generic-with-text-boxes.docx

    Templates Created For Australia Untested Use At Your Own Risk From Michael's docx version pdf version

    Template from Promissory Note Templates http://michaeltellinger.com/promissory-notes/

    Example Promissory Note from Michael's Site

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