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  1. Gnosticism = Salvation through knowledge. Christianity = Salvation through Christ

  2. Illuminati Goals

  3. New Age Movement Occult Construction

  4. Illuminati Birth Place Ingolstadt Germany - Illuminati are behind every major war and invented the banking system we all are enslaved under.

  5. Rochchild's Crest with Occult Satanic Symbolism added because Rochchild realised Satan was behind the rise to power of the banking cartel.

  6. Illuminati Codes

  7. Illuminati Spawn

  8. Iluminati Shapped Jewish Revolutionary Heresy

  9. French Luciferian Revolution killed 1000's without trial in the name of Liberty Equality and Fraternity was spawned by the Illuminati

  10. Napolean Bonaparte Masonic Rogue Printed his own interest free money when king of france. Rothschilds ensured his defeat as he posed a threat to their empire.

  11. Rothschilds financed both side of the Napoleonic war of 1812 and have financed both sides of every war from then on.

  12. Rothschild's via share manipulations ended by owning the bank of England and generated huge sums from loans.

  13. Switzerland In Effect Became Knights Templar's Bank.


  1. Columbus Did Not Discover Anything, the Vikings arrived in North America 500 years before Columbus did. Columbus sailed to America because he was a Rosicucianist and wished to lay the foundations for a New World Order.

    The sipha in Columbus's signature is proof he was a rosicucian.

    The sails on Columbus ship had the Knights Templar symbol emblazzoned on them. Manly P Hall masonist wrote in his book "The Secret Destiny of America", that the old world always knew of the new world. Also confirmed by Francis Bacon in 1659 in his book "New Atlantis a Work Unfinished".

    George Washington knew the Illuminati and Jacobinism had taken root in America

    Knights Templar knowledge is carved in Rossyln's chaple's stone walls. The carvings show maize and indian corn that only grew in America. The Rossyln Chapple construction was begun in 1446.
  2. The plan was to make America resemble France without the Napoleonic influence. George Washington was a freemason

  3. Washington's masonic design

  4. American Founding Father's were deists and narcissists. They had their own ideas about God. Benjamin Franklyn was a member of the Hell fire club

    . Thomas Jefferson wrote his own version of the New Testament leaving out anything he disagreed with. American presidents have always had a thick christian veneer applied to a gnostic core.
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