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Program Support
If you want to help support this site and simonsaysbiz can I suggest $10 annual?? If everyone helps out I should be able to keep going. If you make a donation this message will disappear. If enough people donate to cover my costs this message will disappear.

To Donate to my website please use my Account at Bank Australia

Account Name: Simon Peter Shields
BSB :               313 140
Account :         12032997
Please add your email address in the comments so I can personally thank you.

To Donate to support my legal case against Roiteks and Cryptoeu for fraud, please use my Account at the NAB

If you are donating to help my legal battle against and for fraud put "4LegalCosts" in the comments. Or/and email me at saying the amount donated and where it was donated Please Donate to my NAB ACCOUNT if you wish to help me pay Eldar Perez Law the remainder of the retainer I owe them to pursue my case under Israeli Law

Account Name: Simon Peter Shields
BSB :               083-532
Account :         29-476-8591

Remember if the legal case is successful I pledge to return your donation plus 20% from the net amount awarded to me from my claim Michael Gale of Eldar Perez Law is fighting on my behalf for the full $US400,000 from Roiteks and $US8,000 from Cryptoeu, of which 20% of the $US400,000 will be their winners fee and I owe them $US30,000 retainer. So that will leave $US290,000 = $US320,000 - $US30,000 If we're successful I should have enough to repay 120% of your donation that's your donation plus 20% of your donation as a bonus for helping me out in a time of need.

Be aware if we are unsuccessful in recouping funds from Roiteks or/and Cryptoeu, I won't be able to repay your donation as I'll be flat broke in fact bankrupt

Or You Can use Paypal to Donate

You could donate to my paypal account here
My Email: