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Australia Concealed Colony Notes

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Youtube Author Bob McCulloch Builder Describes what's in the documents Australia Concealed Colony Volumes 1 & 2 links below.

Albert Anderson JP YouTube channel

If Australia is an independent sovereign nation then a foreign head of state could not have executive power in Australia this is common sense and Australian parliamentarians, judges, lawyers, police , governors and Governor General can't be taking an oath of allegiance to a foreign sovereign QE2. If you disagree please show me how I'm wrong.

So if everyone in Australia's corporate clown government are swearing oaths of allegiance to a foreign head of state instead of the true sovereigns of Australia the Australian people doesn't that amount to a foreign takeover by stealth by unwitting traitors who simply rule in the hope the true sovereigns the Australian people never wake up to reclaim what's theirs by right??

This book, AUSTRALIA the Concealed colony! from original website, has been forced out of publication and all printed copies seized by ASIO. That’s how explosive this book is. But it is a book that every Australian should read to understand why our government system is illegal. Every politician sitting in Parliament today is there under false pretenses.